Commercial and Corporate Law

Our consultancy includes everything related to corporate law, including conflicts between partners, or the management of foreign investment among others.​

Merchant records, structuring collaboration agreements, consortiums, joint accounts or any other modality or approach of special purpose for the development of new ventures.


Likewise, it includes the elaboration and celebration of all types of mercantile contracts applicable to the commercial sector, the land parceling, urbanization, construction and distribution industries in general; as well as the accompaniment and representation in litigation related to the field of commercial and corporate law.

Practice Areas

Our consultancy covers the necessary scope to provide the greatest possible legal security, to any type of action related to real estate and its exploitation.​

In this field we would be able to cover the necessary scope to provide the greatest possible legal security to any type of event related to the real estate property.​

We advise our clients in everything related to the Colombian Government, in the development of the ordinary course of business, and in general, with all administrative agencies of government.​

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