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Since 2012, Laserna & Barón has excelled in the field of urban, real estate, corporate and administrative law.


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Laserna & Barón Abogados was born from the union of the effort of two lawyers, highly committed to the excellence in the exercise of their professional activities, who seek to dignify the profession with the highest ethical values.

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The talent and versatility of our lawyers and all our collaborators, in general, is the essence of the firm.
They not only distinguish themselves by their intellectual capacity and by their positive attitude, but more importantly, by their affinity with the values ​​and ethics of the firm.​

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Law graduate from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá and Specialist in Urban and Real Estate Law of the same university, with more than thirty-three (33) years of professional experience in issues related to the execution of integral urban projects.

Founding Partner

Law graduate from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá and Specialist in Financial Legislation of the Universidad de Los Andes, with more than 15 years of experience in corporate, commercial, real estate and mergers and acquisitions matters.

Founding Partner

Our consultancy covers the necessary scope to provide the greatest possible legal security, to any type of action related to real estate and its exploitation.​

In this field we would be able to cover the necessary scope to provide the greatest possible legal security to any type of event related to the real estate property.​

Everything related to commercial and corporate law, including conflicts between partners, mergers and acquisitions and management of foreign investment, among others.​

We advise our clients in everything related to the Colombian Government, in the development of the ordinary course of business, and in general, with all administrative agencies of government.​

Legal advice for the partial plan Ciudad La Salle​

Fernando Laserna, partner of Laserna & Baron Abogados, led the legal counsel and formulated, together with the urban architects Zonas de Creación y Construcción S.A.A, the Partial Plan CIUDAD LA SALLE, located in the northern area of the city of Bogotá, which has 50 hectares of gross area.​

Acquisition of a plant for the Orbis Group​

Nicolas Barón, partner of Laserna & Barón Abogados, led the legal advice - including the "antitrust filling", which allowed Grupo Orbis to acquire Polisuin's unsaturated polyester resin plant in Cartagena.​

Execution of urban planning work for Nestlé in Valledupar​

Recently, under the coordination of Fernando Laserna, the firm LASERNA & BARON directed, in its entirety, the urbanization process of the NESTLÉ properties in the city of Valledupar, including the preliminary phases of feasibility, design, licensing and execution of the urbanistic work, until its delivery to the Municipality.​